Tired House Mom

Sometimes I wish for a break. Does anyone else here feel the same? It’s hard being a stay at home mom. Cooking and cleaning and take care of your little ones including the dog. Also I baby sit on the side. It gives me a sense of fulfillment. But it’s not easy. Waking up early every single day to make breakfast and lunch for your man. Constantly cleaning and cooking and cleaning again While trying to work out and stay fit and get ready for the day. I mean who wants to come home to there girl looking like a mess? It’s a lot of work. I’m Also ironing and doing laundry on top of all that. Even thou it’s hard I honestly truly do love my life. I love that I get to hold down the fort and take care of everyone. I’m not complaining at all. I’m actually truly thankful for this life. But sometimes I do truly do wish for a break. Maybe just a little one. But I’m so use to staying so busy what would I do with my time? Lol

You know what sucks?

So I’m a stay at home mom who takes care of my little girl while also baby sitting on the side. I’ve been baby sitting for a while now and it sucks sometimes when you make an appointment to meet a new family and they never show! like not even a text or call to say “hey sorry I’m going to cancel” Nope those lazy bastards just disappear like a ghost. Like our meeting never existed. I mean what if I had plans that day or what if I wanted to make plans that day?! Nope, instead I waited at home for a non existent appointment to never show. lol Omgosh how frustrating. But that’s okay. Maybe its a sign, maybe the parents are crazy or there kid was extremely disobedient and was going to destroy my house. Or maybe they got into a car accident god forbid. Who knows what happened to that appointment. Who knows…. lol.

Any thoughts? lol