You know what sucks?

So I’m a stay at home mom who takes care of my little girl while also baby sitting on the side. I’ve been baby sitting for a while now and it sucks sometimes when you make an appointment to meet a new family and they never show! like not even a text or call to say “hey sorry I’m going to cancel” Nope those lazy bastards just disappear like a ghost. Like our meeting never existed. I mean what if I had plans that day or what if I wanted to make plans that day?! Nope, instead I waited at home for a non existent appointment to never show. lol Omgosh how frustrating. But that’s okay. Maybe its a sign, maybe the parents are crazy or there kid was extremely disobedient and was going to destroy my house. Or maybe they got into a car accident god forbid. Who knows what happened to that appointment. Who knows…. lol.

Any thoughts? lol