Daddy’s Rules for his Princess

These are a few simple rules daddy has set for me. If I break them there will be consequences. I must always live by daddy’s rules. He can add more if he chooses to later, ❤

Princess Rules
1. I belong to my daddy he is my master and my owner I shall always obey.
2. Daddy’s word is final. Because daddy knows best
3. I must always look cute and act adorable
4. I can’t touch my self unless my daddy says I’m allowed to or I send daddy pictures and videos of papi and patches teaching me ❤
5. I can’t be mean to daddy
6. I can’t call daddy horrible names
7. If I behave I’m allowed to ask daddy for a new stuffy but I must prove I deserve it
8. I must always be honest with daddy and tell him when something is bothering me
9. I can’t say bad words. Those are only for big people
10. No talking back to daddy
11. No watching scary movies
12. No drinking or going out to parties
13. Always do your chores
14. Always come to daddy with any problems
15. Always remember my manners because princesses always must be kind
16. Never wear panties with a dress
17. Don’t talk to daddy about money
18. Bed time is 11:00pm No exceptions
19. Needs to be in bed by 10:00pm no exceptions
20. Curfew 8:00pm No exceptions
21. Must always wear my collar, especially when leaving the house
22. Tell daddy I love him 100 times a day
23. Always check in with daddy every hour
24. Always ask daddy for permission with everything I wish too
25. Always let daddy know where I’m going and with whom but always ask for permission first