A letter from a little girl’s heart


I know sometimes life may seem scary especially when it comes to the opposite sex in our relationship. I know this because I have the worst insecurities when it comes to the thought of another woman and you. I feel worthless and ugly a lot of times. I feel like I wish to be more. You tell me that I’m perfect and I’m so very truly thankful for that. But I know I’m not. Daddy, I need you to know that no matter what you may think I would never ever do anything to hurt you. I am your little slave, your little pet, your very sweet innocent little baby girl, your lover I truly am, I love you more than I love anything else and anyone else in this world. I love you soooooo much I am extremely loyal to you my daddy. And I completely submit myself to you. And your also my most very best friend. Life honestly makes no sense without you my daddy. I would never ever dream of hurting you not even the single thought of my imagination will ever contain hurtful things or images to my daddy.
Papi, I’m so very loyal and faithful to you. I’m so very sweet and kind and so extremely submissive. I am owned by you master.
Daddy you truly are the love of my life. You have given me so much more than I can ever truly Imagine. You have given me love and happiness. You have given me a home. You have given me safety and security. I know in the past we have both done thing awful things to hurt each other. I know we have said some very terrible things and have physically and mentally drained each other. But the only reason why it was draining and hurtful is because we truly are so very much in love. All I see is my daddy. And all you see is me. ❤ You love me so much you told me not to have a plan b that I am forever yours and you are forever mine. I never even considered it. In all my crazy and wild imaginations and fantasies everything only contains you my daddy. All I can picture for the rest of my life is my daddy. I picture us getting married one day. I picture us having our kiss on our wedding day. I picture you coming home to me. And I serving you. And I know we have both been married and hurt before, but I honestly need you to trust that I would never ever disrespect you master. I would never ever dream of hurting you or replacing you. I sit down every day in my collar looking at the time waiting patiently and panicky for my daddy to come home to me. You’re such a big deal to me and I know you know it is to you as well. Because we both truly love each other. We both truly need each other.
My Daddy when your angry at me it feels as though something inside me is ripping and tearing my heart into pieces. It feels like the sun disappears and its dark and cold and rainy and thunderclouds are surrounding me. I want to hide into my blankie and just cry and cry and cry. I ask god and beg him to help me talk to my daddy because he knows how much I need you I desperately need my daddy. He knows it. And god does help me just as he helps you too my daddy. I get so lost and confused thinking you no longer want me or love me. Even though I know that’s not true I know you truly do need me too. I know you truly do love me and your working so very hard to come home to me to. To the little girl you fell madly in love with.
Daddy this is so very hard for me. I wish it were easier. But the thing is your so very much worth it to me. Your worth everything. Sometimes I can’t even eat or sleep or even stay awake. But I know why. It’s because my daddy is not home with me. And because I am so very little I get extremely home sick. I need you to know my daddy that I’m always going to be waiting for you. I’m always going to be needing you. I’m always going to be submissive and only seek my daddy attention. I promise I will always wait for you my daddy. I promise with all my heart. I promise I will never ever break yours because our hearts are truly combines as one and it would kill me so very badly to now have my daddy. I know you will be home so very soon it feels like an eternity though and things will get better. It will get easier. Ill be able to hold your hand again and follow you around like your little pet. And cook for you and take care all your sexual and emotional and even physical need as your little slave should. I would be able to have such wonderful laughs with my daddy and be daddy goofy little girl as your best friend should. Because I am your very little girl we have a special bond that no one not anyone can ever take away from us. I am Daddy’s little girl. Forever and Always.
Please don’t be angry at me anymore my daddy. Please know that I do wear my collar and I always will continue to wear my collar without hiding it or ashamed of it. I’m so very proud that you own me. I’m so very proud to know that my daddy has my leash. I’m so very proud of us. I’m so extremely proud to be yours and only yours. You saved my life. You changed me for the better. You deserve a good girl. And that’s what I am and that’s what I will always be. Daddy’s very good little innocent sweet kind shy little girl. Forever and Always. You brought me home and cleaned me up and made me happy. I am not my own person. I am property of my daddy. ❤
I love you so very much my daddy. You truly are my life. Forever and ever and ever and ever.
Muah ❤

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