Deployment Sucks

Deployment sucks. You know this, I know this. WE ALL KNOW THIS.

Especially when you’re the one waiting for your partner to arrive. You have no clue what they’re doing. I know my boyfriend is faithful or for which I’m praying, but every single blog post I read someone is always saying something shady is going on. Why do I let that get to my head?!!
There will be days where it feels like I don’t hear from him. So much time has passed it scares me. I get to the point where I feel so panicky. My heart starts racing, my mind starts telling lies and it feels as though I can’t breathe. I get really panicky. My body feels weak and I get so shaky. I turn pale. I honestly feel like I would pass out given the chance. He tells me “Be strong, chin up little one” But those words are what hurts me most. If only he knew how I truly felt waiting for him, maybe then he would say so much more. But I get it. He has to focus on his mission. I hate this, I hate waiting. But the thing is I love it at the same time. That’s the brutal truth. It’s like a test, to see how strong our love really is and as hard as this is right now I would and will always continue to wait for him. NO MATTER WHAT For he is the love of my life. Not just the love of my life. He is my soul mate, my partner my one and only. My Daddy. ❤


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